All Change!

Something has arisen which has compromised my anonymity here.  There are people reading who I would prefer not to share my blog with.   So, with regret, I won’t be posting on WHAMH any longer.

The good news is that it’s not the end – it’s just a move.

All new posts will be at my new little corner of the internet.  If you’d like to continue to read, please leave a comment on this post and I will email you the new link.

See you on the other side!

My Life In Instagram

I’ve been sent these Pharmaton Active Life pills to try out by Bzzagent – apparently they’ll give me lots of energy.  Hasn’t happened yet!

Went to see Anna Karenina at the cinema last week.  Although the story was told in quite an odd way (think part-musical, part film, part stage play), it was visually beautiful and I enjoyed it.

Reg was feeling rather under the weather last week, and spent almost all his time dozing on the stairs.  He seems to have perked up now, though.

The blue and green bowl my brother and SIL gave me for my birthday goes perfectly with the new decor in the breakfast room.

Treated myself to a new Clarins lipgloss after losing 5 lbs last week.

When Ashley cleaned out the hot tub last weekend, I’m not sure this is what was meant to happen …


Ashley bought me flowers because he felt guilty leaving me alone at the weekend while he and Will went camping.  Ahh, bless!

Healthy (and totally delicious) steak dinner.

Still laughing at this birthday card from William.

Playing on the rope swing during a walk along the river at Bovey Tracy.

Gorgeous early morning sky taken from my bedroom window.

My current mid-morning tea of choice.





Sunday Car Booty

It’s rather quiet at What’sHappeningAtMyHouse Towers this morning, as Ashley & William went camping on Dartmoor yesterday and haven’t yet returned.  If I hadn’t been battling a terrible headache for the last two days, I’d probably be making the most of the peace and quiet, and enjoying being in charge of the remote!

At first glance, I didn’t think this morning’s car boot was going to be much cop, but despite the fact it was rather small, it yielded more treasure than I was expecting.

Zara red snakeskin sandals, Tammy Girl red Mary Janes, River Island black stilettoes – £1 each.

M&S turquoise linen skirt £1, Black satin heels (brand new) £1.50, Travel Scrabble 50p.

L to R: Per Una top £1, Laura Ashley top £1, Mini Boden sweatshirt £1.50.

D&G boxed toddler jelly shoes – £3

Di Palomo Bath Elixir £1, Strawberries & Cream Body butter (yum!) 50p .

Flippers 50p (really pleased with these, as Will has grown out of his and needs new ones for the Caribbean next month), Nike trainers £1, Emu Australia toddler boots £2.50 (any great tips for cleaning grubby suede boots lined with wool?)


Red Converse, as new, £7.  Not my thing, but they seem immensely popular these days.

I am seriously considering going back to bed for a couple of hours – the weather’s not looking very promising, and I don’t have any pressing engagements ….







Friday 5: Reasons I’m Proud of Myself This Week

Now I know nobody likes a show-off, but I’ve had a FAB week this week, and I’m really rather pleased with myself.  If you don’t want to read my shameless gloating, feel free to stop right now – I shan’t be in the least offended.

1.   I’ve lost 5 lbs on the first week my healthy eating/exercise regime – am SO pleased to see a tangible result already.  Now to keep it going …

2.   I went to the first lesson of my beginners crochet course by myself.  I wasn’t looking forward to it much, but I had a really nice time, learnt to do some crocheting and met some really nice women, including one who I really hit it off with and I think might become a new friend.  What’s not to like?  Am looking forward to next week’s lesson already.

3.   Went swimming this morning.  I had arranged to go with two friends, but they both cancelled, and it would have been so easy to use that as an excuse not to go, but I forced myself out of the house, went to the Leisure Centre, swam 20 lengths, and felt really good about myself for actually doing so.

4.   Sticking to my no-alcohol September.  A long summer of holidays, socialising and generally having fun meant that I was drinking more than I wanted to be.  So I decided to have a dry September.  Tedious, yes.  Am I feeling healthier?  No, not particularly.  Is it good for me?  Without a doubt.  And I am sleeping better.  And it’s good self-discipline.

5.   Can’t think of a number 5.  Oh well, it will have to be a Friday Four.  That kind of works, doesn’t it?

Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

Although I decided to retire my regular Frock It posts earlier this year, I still love to rip apart mercilessly have a good gander at what the famous are wearing, so I thought I’d start an occasional series with one good and one bad look from the world of fashion.

This week’s ‘good’ is Christina Ricci’s pretty pastel summer dress, accessorised with simple black – you can’t go wrong with a Chanel handbag really, can you?  I loved Christina in the TV series Pan Am earlier this year, and this outfit somehow has a vintage feel about it which reminds me a bit of that (it was set in the 60s.  Sadly they aren’t making a second series.)

Dear oh dear oh dear, Iman, erstwhile supermodel and person-known-by-only-one-name.  Whilst you might look very good indeed for somebody of 57, this dress and those shoes (showing off your nasty bunion, I notice), are doing you no favours.  You look like a failed auditionee from TOWIE.  Dreadful.





Sunday Car Booty

It was all about the clothes and shoes at this morning’s boot sale.  Am definitely struggling these days to find as many bargainous gems as I used to.  Sign of the times, I guess.

Nine West mules, Kurt Geiger Heels and Jane Shilton brogues, all in immaculate condition, £1 each.

Brand new Hotter shoes £2, kids’ Adidas trainers £1.25.

Gorgeous knee high Bronx suede boots (GUTTED they aren’t my size) £7, Hobbs polka dot scarf 20p, Clarks kids shoes £1, Clarks ladies shoes £2.

Per Una turquoise bolero £1, Salt Rock summer dress £2, Clarks Doodles £1.25, Next red flats £1.50.


Boho/hippy skirt £1, white top (for me) 50p, Wallis gilet £1.50.

Quiet Sunday planned here, think I’ll wash the sofa throws as today looks to be last day of decent drying weather for a while.  It’s all rock’n’roll here, I tell ya!





Friday 5: Things I’m A Bit Sick Of

Time for a Friday 5 – feels like ages since I last did one.

1.   CATH KIDSTON.  It’s just all a bit …. TWEE.  And overpriced.  In my humble opinion.  I know there are many, many people out there in blogland who will disagree with me, but hey ho, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t it?

2.   KEEP CALM & CARRY ON.  Oh God, I am SO sick of this – it really is just everywhere.  My son informed me yesterday that there’s even a Keep Calm iPhone App, for goodness’ sake.  And most of the derivations aren’t even amusing.  Go away.

3.   BACK TO SCHOOL DISPLAYS in supermarkets.  They’ve been up since the beginning of July, and I don’t want to look at them any more.  Take them away.  And DON’T replace them with Christmas things, thank you.

4.   SCAFFOLDING in my driveway.  The neighbours had some work done on their chimney which necessitated putting up scaffolding in our already-very-narrow shared driveway.  Although the work was finished last week, the scaffolding is still up, and I can literally only JUST squeeze my car through, with about two inches on either side.  Which is rapidly becoming tedious.

5.   MY BROADBAND.  However, since starting this post, I have had a telephone call from Tesco, my broadband provider, informed me that AT LAST they have fixed my crappy speed.  And touch wood, it currently seems to be much improved.  Whether it stays that way or not, only time will tell.

What are you a bit sick of at the moment?