Lovely Sunny Wednesday

It’s been absolutely gorgeous here again today – perfect blue sky all day which makes the green-ness of spring look so much more green.

I’ve had quite a busy day. Have been having a go at joining in with the weekly Flylady Thread on MSE Forums, just to give me a bit of motivation with the house, really, and there is a certain sense of satisfaction in completing a task list.

The lounge is looking fab today after a really good declutter, tidy and clean, and yesterday I had a good go at the kitchen. They add in other, ad hoc, tasks as well, which makes it a bit more interesting each day.

Went to the cinema this morning and saw The Jane Austen Book Club. I read the book a few years ago, and didn’t remember anything of it at all, indicating that perhaps I didn’t enjoy it. I enjoyed the film, though, and the found the characters really came to life more for me than in the book.

Have just finished a big pile of ironing, so the only tasks left on my list for today are to brush the stairs, and list six things on Ebay later on this evening (but have already uploaded pics and done the descriptions, so it’s just a matter of copy and pasting). Oh, and cook the dinner – pasta and salad.


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