The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller

This is another of Richard & Judy’s Summer Reads for this year, and I can quite categorically say that it’s one of the worst books I’ve read for a long time. Absolute pretentious, self-conscious, pointless garbage. The characters were, without exception, utterly unlikeable. The writing style was affected, and the punctuation was appalling. Example: the main character has a dream in which she watches a tiger lick strawberry ice cream off the floor, then hop into a flowerpot and have a crap. The character for some reason has a plastic bag in her hands and picks up the crap, then wakes up (she’s supposedly been sleepwalking) and it turns out she’s driven to a shop and has picked up a large potato (all in her sleep).

The only reason I finished it was because it was so short. Can only imagine this woman managed to get it published as she’s married to Daniel Day Lewis and is the daughter of Arthur Miller.


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