Courgette Fritters – and Disorganisation!

I made courgette and feta fritters for dinner the other evening, and they were surprisingly good. Thinking of things to do with the courgettes from the garden is becoming more and more difficult. We decided this recipe was a good ‘un, and would be great as a main course for vegetarians, or even as a starter, if you made smaller versions of the fritters.
The rain has been coming down all day here without let up – in fact I don’t think there’s been a whole day without rain for a fortnight now – unbelievable! I took to my bed this afternoon with books, magazines and the Olympics on the TV, and had a cosy couple of hours. William came and joined me as well for a while. Have wet washing currently draped all over the house, as there’s absolutely no chance of drying it outside.
I am feeling very disorganised at the moment – the house hasn’t had a proper clean since William broke up from school – I’ve just been surface cleaning really, and it’s starting to show. I haven’t done any menu planning either, since we got back from Greece, and I’ve put weight on as well (not that I’ve weighed myself – I can just tell from my clothes). Lots of areas are needing a declutter as well. I’ve mostly managed to keep on top of the paperwork coming in, but there is a very large pile of filing lurking in the tray which I really must get round to.
Will has a schoolfriend coming for the day on Monday, so hopefully that will keep him occupied, and I’ll be able to get on with a few jobs around the house. I’ll make myself a list tomorrow, I think.
On a different note altogether, I went with my friend Faye to see Mamma Mia on Wednesday night – what a fab film – really funny, and very uplifting – just what we needed in the midst of this dismal summer.

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