Holiday Reading

Only read three books this hol, which is not very many for me – with a bigger group of us on holiday together, there didn’t seem to be so much time for reading.
My first book was Piers Morgan’s latest celebrity-laden offering, Don’t You Know Who I Am? I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as his first book, but still found it a fun, easy read – full of gossip and insider knowledge. A must for anyone who likes a sneaky look at Heat magazine once in a while!
Next came The Pirate’s Daughter, which was one of Richard & Judy’s Summer Reads this year. It certainly wouldn’t be something I’d pick up normally, but I found it a refreshing change: set in Jamaica, starting in the post-war period of the mid-40s, I probably enjoyed it all the more as I was reading it on a Caribbean island and could almost ‘feel’ the culture and vivid descriptions of the novel. An 8 out of 10 for this one.
The last book I finished on hols was Goodnight, Beautiful. It’s the first of Dorothy Koomson’s novels that I’ve read, and it was absolutely heart-rending (first time I’ve actually sobbed over a book for a very long time). The characterization was excellent and I found it a real page-turner. Although it’s basically a love-triangle story, there is so much more substance to it than that, and I found the ending a refreshing change from so many of the books nowadays. Highly recommended, and I shall be seeking out more of her books very soon.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Reading

  1. @ Sharon – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, Sharon, it was a great read. Cx

    @ apieceofwood – thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try that one next, I was wondering which to go for. Cx

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