A Trip Out

One of the results of my decision to cut down on the general clutter in my life and try to become greener, has been that I spend far more time at home than I used to, and far less time shopping. While I wouldn’t say that I’ve missed shopping for shopping’s sake, or indeed felt any great loss from not buying so much ‘stuff’, I did particularly enjoy my trip this morning to the Dartington Cider Press Centre, the first time I’ve been there for ages.

It’s a lovely place for a mooch around, with a brilliant kitchen shop, a deli/food store selling all manner of unnecessary and lovely-looking (though highly overpriced) foody things, a wonderful glass shop, a real old-fashioned toy shop, a lovely ‘smellies’ shop with a roaring open fire, a fab vegetarian restaurant, and my particular favourite – a bookshop and stationery store. There’s also amazing local art glass and jewellery, as well as fab leather goods and really unusual clothes – a real treasure trove of gorgeous things (NONE of which I needed!!!)

I hasten to add at this point, that there was a reason for my visit, as I wanted to buy Ashley a set of port glasses for Christmas, as we’ve only got one left of our previous set. The glass store sells seconds of Dartington Crystal (see – moneysaving?!) , but I’m afraid even the seconds were priced at more than I really wanted to pay, so my mission was unsuccessful.

So I had a good wander around anyway, and seriously coveted some gorgeous silver and turqoise earrings (£60!) and a beautiful pale brown soft leather handbag (£98). Neither of which I bought (gold star). But my resolve weakened when I got to the stationery store. I bought two birthday cards for birthdays next year (they have some really lovely unusual cards – I LOVE unusual cards), and then I saw this hardback notebook entitled ‘happy book’ (see my pic above). It’s so pretty, and is full of heavy quality plain white pages, just BEGGING to be filled. And it cost £6.50!!! And I bought it!!!!!!! And I justified it to myself with the knowledge that it will help me complete one of my 101 tasks, which is to write about things that make me happy.

And every time I’ve looked at it sitting on my desk since I bought it this morning, it’s made me smile. So it works – it’s making me happy already.

Well, it could be worse – I could have bought the handbag …..


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