Bad Housewife!

I have been extremely lazy with regards to housework since coming back from holiday three weeks ago, and to be honest, I’ve barely even done the minimum necessary. I just haven’t been in the mood. I looked at the house yesterday, though, and decided that it just HAD to be dealt with. So I’ve decided to tackle a room a day. Yesterday I did the dining room, and today I did the landing, stairs and breakfast room. Tomorrow I won’t be doing anything at all as I’m going to the Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham with my friend, Faye, and am leaving at 6.30 am and won’t be back till after 9 pm – really looking forward to it. Anyway, I digress – Thursday I shall tackle my bedroom and ensuite bathroom (hate doing bathrooms), and Friday the lounge. That will leave the kitchen, my office, the bathroom and William’s room to do next week (unless I get some bizarre desire to clean over the weekend which, quite frankly, is probably far beyond the realms of possibility!) I’m not including the spare bedroom, as it’s currently in the middle of being decorated, so is a complete mess.

I feel glad that I’ve started it, and the rooms I’ve done look really nice and clutter free – that bad clutterbug has been taking over my home again recently: my office in particular is constantly in a complete mess. A lot of this is eBay-related, and some of it is Christmas-related as well at the moment, but there always seems to be so much STUFF – it’s doing my head in! As soon as I make a start on clearing it, it seems that I fill it with yet more things. I must get on top of Christmas – get all the gifts wrapped and then stacked tidily somewhere, and there’s only a couple more weeks’ eBaying left to do before I wind down for Christmas, so hopefully in another fortnight’s time, I will feel less clutter-ridden.

Above is a photograph of the sunset last night driving home from the school run – it was just beautiful – far nicer, in fact, than it looks in the pic.


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