December Is (Almost) Here

Oh my goodness, tomorrow is 1st December! Where has the year gone?

I’ve had an extremely unproductive weekend (but have had two good nights out on Friday and Saturday – hmm, that’s why I’ve had an unproductive weekend!), so there is a lot that needs to be done in the coming week. Ashley is going up to Sussex again this week, from Tuesday to Thursday I think, as he’s still running his parents’ hotel (his brother, who I believe I mentioned in less than glowing terms on a blog post a couple of weeks ago, hasn’t offered to help at all, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a job, unlike Ashley, who’s juggling running his own business as well as the hotel).

Anyway, my goals for this week are:

  • Get the housework back under control – after a good start last week, it all went to pot again. The plan is to thoroughly clean one room each day this week.
  • Get the very last bits of Christmas shopping completed.
  • Wrap all Christmas presents (this in turn will improve the state of the office).
  • Start to have a think about my Christmas menu plan.
  • Get Christmas cards written (and decide whether or not to do a round robin this year – I’m thinking probably not at the moment).
  • Eat healthily and do some sort of exercise – it’s totally hopeless trying to diet in December, I know, but I’ve been eating really badly and can see it in my skin and feel it in my energy levels. We have social things on every weekend between now and Christmas, but my plan is to be good during the weekdays to try and counteract the weekends!

That sounds like quite a lot to keep me busy! I shall report back at the end of the week as to how I got on.


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