A Rant (You Have Been Warned)

I’m still feeling absolutely revolting, this bug is really horrible. I’ve got a thick head, streaming nose, hacking cough which has pulled my stomach muscles, hot and cold sweats etc etc.

Ashley’s Dad is still hanging on, bless him, being nursed at home but really very very poorly now – very upsetting for everybody, particularly his 92 year old mother who has come down today, and hasn’t seen him since diagnosis back in October, so it’s going to be a real shock for her.

Today is not only New Year’s Eve, but also Ashley’s birthday – needless to say we don’t feel much like celebrating.

The house is a bloody tip, the laundry basket is overflowing, the fridge is full of skanky old food that hasn’t got eaten cos we’ve both been ill, my office is disappearing under a sea of paperwork, and I haven’t managed to get anything done that I’d been hoping to during this in-between period.

My January goals (although I’ve thought about them quite a lot) aren’t yet formed and certainly won’t be on my blog in time for 1st Jan.

My car broke down on the way to collect Will from his friend’s house yesterday – managed to get it home but it needs to go into the garage to have a new thermostat fitted.

And I have six people coming for dinner tonight ….. any other night I would have cancelled them, but I don’t like to do it on New Year’s Eve, and leave everyone at a loose end, so we’re going ahead. I shall probably be asleep with my head on the table by 8.30 pm!

Sorry, it was indeed a rant, but I feel better for getting it off my chest.


One thought on “A Rant (You Have Been Warned)

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