A Winter Walk

No car boot sale this morning, so we had a lovely lie-in, didn’t even wake up till almost 9 am, when the church bells started! Not looking forward to early mornings again when school starts on Wednesday.

After a leisurely breakfast of bacon sandwiches (must get to that diet tomorrow!!), Ashley had to go over to Torquay (again) to pick up his granny and aunt and take them to his parents’ house (once again no sign of his brother lifting a finger to bloody well help out), so William and I decided to brave the freezing cold and go for a walk. We pottered up Denbury Down – William’s fave local walk due to the rope swing at the top – taking lots of photos with my new camera, which I’m getting to grips with a bit more now.
It felt good to get some exercise for the first time for ages, and it didn’t feel too cold once we’d walked to the top of the hill. I’ve posted a selection of my photos above, including one looking down onto our village from the top of the hill.


2 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Hello Caroline
    Came to visit you via MtPortugal.
    Looks like a nice walk you had – love that wooden door. Is in in your garden?
    Your Reg looks like one really laid back cat who knows waht side his bread is buttered lol
    Take care

  2. Hiya Cathy – welcome to my blog! The white gate isn’t in my garden, but every time I walk past it, I wonder what the garden behind it is like, so I thought I’d take a pic of it! Reg (and his brother Ron) are both real characters, and at the moment are a pair of real lazy cats (too cold to go out, so they just sleep all the time – in between eating of course!) Caroline x

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