A Round Up of Monday

It’s been quite a productive day. I made myself my first ‘to do’ list of the year this morning, and have completed nine out of the ten items on it, so I’m quite pleased. I NEVER have more than ten items on my daily to do list – it’s a rule I made myself a couple of years ago, and always stick to.

The only item I haven’t completed is ‘go through in tray and deal with everything in it’, which was, in retrospect, perhaps a little ambitious, and although I’ve had a real good go, I have now ground to a halt. I’m going to leave it for the moment, and perhaps come back to it a bit later on this evening. If not, it’ll have to roll over to tomorrow’s list!

Will and I went to the dentist this morning, and then did a couple of errands in town, before a quick trip to Tesco via the plastic recycling bank. My menu plan for the next few days is as follows:

Sunday – Roast chicken
Monday – risotto to use up lots of leftover bits in fridge
Tuesday – Mexican chicken soup to use up chicken
Wed – Sausage & Cabbage bake
Thursday – salmon steaks with roasted veg

I am keeping up with my spending diary, and have decided to list my spending on here each week. I’m trying to be very strict with myself at the moment, as I’m off to London with Mum next week for our annual shopping trip (we always have a LOVELY time, and really enjoy treating ourselves, so I’m really looking forward to it).

Tomorrow is the last day of the school hols, and we’re going out for a big walk on Dartmoor with my friend Bec and her son Alex, who’s in William’s class at school.

The new series of Masterchef starts on TV tonight – I really enjoyed watching this last year, so I’m hoping it’ll be just as good …


3 thoughts on “A Round Up of Monday

  1. Hiya Ginger, welcome to my blog! Am a big fan of yours and Fred’s blog, your fab photos often inspire my cooking! Did you and Fred enter Masterchef this time around? I know you mentioned on the blog sometime last year that you were considering it ….

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