Sunday Car Booty

First car boot sale of the year this morning, and thank goodness it was a little warmer than it has been for the last few days. Cold wind, but no frost.

Quite a good haul today, considering that there weren’t many sellers at all (don’t blame them!):

  • Football boots 50p for Will – really pleased with these as he desperately needed new ones for school
  • Trainers 50p also for Will – filthy dirty, but will clean up a treat and are very ‘trendy’ so he’ll be pleased with them.
  • Pink wellies 50p to sell
  • 4 Counted Cross stitch kits £3 to sell
  • Cropped jeans 50p for me
  • Disney baby carrier £1 to sell

My car blew up (literally!) on Friday on the way home from school, so Ashley has been trying to fix it this weekend. We picked up some parts for it yesterday (over £100) and he’s taken off the broken parts and is now on his way out (in the rain) to put in the new ones. Fingers crossed this will sort it.

I’ve also been ill (again) – horrible stomach bug this time, and am still feeling really ropey. The upstairs of my house hasn’t been hoovered since before Christmas. Am I bothered about it at the moment? NO! I have managed to sort out William’s school uniform and games kit, and get some laundy on this morning, and have now completely run out of energy. So I’m going to sit down for half an hour and see if I feel better. My stomach is much better today, but I have a terrible headache and general flu-ey feeling. I’m don’t want to take a headache pill, though, in case it sets my stomach off again!


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