My Favourite Gadget

I’m a bit of a geeky gadget fiend on the quiet, and this little thing, the Griffin iTrip, has been my favourite gadget of all for over a year now.

It’s such a clever little chap – I plug it into the bottom of my iPod and, ta-dah, it makes my Ipod play through the car radio. I’m not especially techy minded, so the fact that this tiny thing makes the entire contents of my iPod available through my car radio, fills me with fascination, because I really don’t understand how it works.

It really comes into its own on long journeys, like today, when I drove from home to Bournemouth, a two hour or so drive, and I spent the journey catching up on podcasts that I’ve downloaded and not yet listened to, and listening to music that I love but the rest of the family hate. Oh the joys of travelling alone for once!


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