Spending Diary Part 2

Slightly delayed due to various circumstances, but here is Part 2 of my January spending diary:

9th Jan

£4.70 coffee out with a friend
50p car parkings
£55 ring resizing at jewellers

10th Jan


11th Jan

£6 car boot sale (of which £4 for resale)
£9.74 moisturiser (Ebay)

12th Jan

Tesco £5.50

13th Jan

Tesco £5.59

14th Jan

Car park 50p
Local shop/post office £1.40
Boots £1.13

15th Jan

M&S; £29.50
Next £75
Dinner £16
Hotel Bar £13

16th Jan

Primark £23.00 (clothes for Will & pyjamas for me)
Sainsburys (lunch) £8
Selfridges £15.00 (cushions for spare room)
Dinner £35 (expensive but tasty!)
Taxi £5 (too tired to walk to restaurant after shopping all day)
£8 lunchtime wine in John Lewis

17th Jan


18th Jan

Tesco £11.84
Car boot sale £5.30 but all for resale

19th Jan

Taxi home from funeral £8.50

20th Jan


21st Jan

Lunch out with friends £7.50
Tesco £11.48

No big surprises in my spending diary, and have now reached a total of six No Spend Days. Obviously I did spend more than normal as I went to London, but even so did not go too mad.

I could technically have got more no spend days in, but I have a lot of money off coupons to use up this month, so it’s financially more sensible to do small regular shops in Tesco to ensure I use these up, rather than one big one.

I will keep on with the spending diary until the end of the month, but it has really just confirmed to me that I’m not a spendthrift, and I don’t think that there is really any wastage that needs plugging anywhere: I’m happy with the overall level of spending.


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