Sunday Car Booty

It’s a lean time of year at the car boot sale – even less sellers this week than last. Picked up a few bits:
  • 2 x PS2 games for William’s birthday £1.25 each
  • Pair designer jeans £1 to sell (high hopes of a good profit for these – will let you know!)
  • Pair New Look cropped jeans to sell 50p
  • New boxed digital kitchen scales £1 to sell
  • 2 x Avon face creams, £2 each, one to keep, one to sell
  • Pair of kid’s Next sandals, 75p to sell

2 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Hi Gill – funnily enough, I bookmarked your blog just this morning after seeing it mentioned on Cathy’s blog. Small world, eh?! I sell on eBay. If you stick eBay into the search box on my blog, you’ll find quite a few posts about it. Hope that helps – Caroline

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