Finding Some Motivation for Friday …

My motivation and energy levels have once again been appalling this week. So here is a list of things that I want to get done tomorrow – Friday:

  • 30 minute brisk walk – WHATEVER the weather.
  • Daily cashback clicks
  • Declutter food cupboard.
  • Finish tidying office – clear floor and area under printer.
  • Deal with large pile of stuff on desk.
  • Deal with all emails in my inbox and delete them.
  • Clean loos and basins.
  • List Mum’s stuff on eBay for her.

Right, hopefully having it written down in front of me will motivate me to actually get some things done tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “Finding Some Motivation for Friday …

  1. how about getting up, into your walking clothes and out the door – walk away from your house for 15 minutes. and walk back the other 15.

    I used to do that with jogging. I hate jogging. But I did manage to do that method for a while. until I twisted my ankle! I prefer yoga. hmm. perhaps I could get up and do 30 mins yoga every day too…. its easier to tell others how to do it isnt it

    ps. my buggy is still on for £2.20. eek! it has 32 watchers though.

  2. Hi there, just popped over from Staceys blog.

    LOL at your post, I could do with your list. As the weather is soooo awful here, I havent left the house for 3 days! Watched DVD, light house work and blogging. Not very productive!

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