Saturday Morning

This morning has dawned bright and sunny, although there is still a good covering of (frozen solid and very lethal!) snow on the ground. It’s so nice to have a bright day after a whole week of dull, dark days, and there’s no doubt that sunshine makes you feel happier and more motivated – it does me, anyway!
I’ve just taken this picture of Reg sitting on the garden wall, enjoying the bright morning and looking out for birds.
Yesterday was a good day – I got my whole list of jobs completed (apart from the walk – when I said ‘whatever the weather’ I didn’t anticipate six inches of melting slushy snow, so I’m afraid I ducked out of that one). I even got some extra bits and bobs done, including phoning the Tax Credits office with the figures from our tax returns, and some ironing. Making a list is definitely the way forward. Lists Rock!
So, plans for the weekend:
  • William has his karate grading this morning – fingers crossed, by the end of the day he will be a brown belt.
  • Car boot sale tomorrow morning – didn’t go last week due to a late night on the Saturday, so am definitely going tomorrow.
  • A little bit of Ebay listing ready for the week ahead.
  • Look into buying a magnetic noticeboard for William’s bedroom.
  • Think about the walls in my office: I need to get frames for the things I want to put up, and get them put up. Look into options and decide what I want to have on the walls.
  • Read 150 pages of my book by the end of Sunday (my favourite chore on the list so far!)
  • Hoover – the lounge, my bedroom, the stairs and landing, and the kitchen & breakfast room.

That seems like enough to be getting on with, so I shall go and make a start.


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