It’s The Weekend …

And what’s more, there’s a whole week ahead without the alarm going off while it’s still dark, as half term is here – hooray!

It’s been quite a busy week, and I’m looking forward to a restful weekend. Ashley is once again up in the loft beavering away, and has finally brought down the boxes that I wanted. One of them is full of old loose photos, and I’m planning to go through them and scan the ones I want to keep onto my computer, rather than keep the actual photos.

William has a karate lesson shortly, and I’m going to drop him there and pop to Tesco to get the bits we need for the rest of the weekend. Sam, my nephew, is coming for a sleepover with his cousin tonight, and Ashley has bought some very nice looking fillet steak for our dinner. I was presented with a cup of tea and vase of lovely yellow roses this morning when I woke up – we don’t bother with cards, but the flowers were lovely. Had my camera battery not been on charge, there would be a nice pic of them at the top of this post.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up early for the car boot sale (but no doubt I’ll be woken early by the kids anyway!) and then William has a charity karate kickathon – they are raising money for Cancer Research by completing 2009 karate kicks over a period of 2 hours. This is jolly hard work, and I think he’s a bit nervous about completing it. Fingers crossed.


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