I defrosted some turkey curry for our dinner this evening, and after warming it up, Ashley decided to add some more spices to it. He got a jar of cardamom pods out of the cupboard, and I advised him to crack them before putting them in, as I wasn’t sure how much flavour they had in them – I thought they’d probably been in the cupboard for a little longer than they should have been.

So Ashley checked the best before date – December 1994!!!!! That is an all-time record, even for us – they must have lived in five different houses with me!! In fact those cardamom pods have lived with me for longer than Ashley has!

We used them in the curry anyway, I’ll let you know if they add to the flavour or not, but I’m suspecting probably not.

Time to treat myself to a new jar of cardamom, methinks!

Anybody else got any good ‘use by date’ stories?


2 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. I threw out a pot of cloves just before Christmas which I think I may have had since the late 1980s. They still looked OK, but I guess their flavour may have long ago disappeared. I’ve also been known to use HP sauce which was three years past it’s sell by date. Again, it looked OK but when I finally bought a new bottle I could definitely notice an improvement in flavour!!

  2. When my Grandma was still with us she never threw anything out. We used to find trifle sponges so old they’d be shrivelled to the size of a thumbnail, chocolate buttons older than me (I was 14/15 at the time) and we even found items so old that they were priced at 17 and a half pence or even in d.!

    Things don’t usually get to last that long in my house though.

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