WHOSE Homework?

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time during the last couple of days helping William with his half-term homework, a project board on a subject of their choice, to be used as a prop for giving a three minute talk in front of the class next week.
First of all, William wanted to do his project on Spartans, but I persuaded him to do karate a) because he’s been doing karate for two and a half years so knows enough to talk about it for three minutes with no problems, and b) because I know bugger all about Spartans!!
First we had to go and buy a piece of A1 card, as the school hadn’t sent one home, and then decide on the content. And I then spent the majority of yesterday and a couple of hours this morning taking and printing photographs and other info, and helping William do printouts of the bullet points for the various sections.
We finally have all the content printed out, and all that remains is for everything to be cut out (waiting for Ashley with his Stanley knife and metal ruler for this – I’m not good with Stanley knives!) and stuck onto the board. I shall be relieved when it’s all completed!
Another recent piece of homework was to make a box which would keep an ice cube frozen for the longest time. Ashley spent most of the weekend preparing this box and then tweaking it for better results – tin foil, insulating stuff, polystyrene etc etc. The first question Ashley asked on Monday night when Will came home from school was ‘Did our box win?’ He was most put out that it only came joint second. But I had such a laugh with all the Mums at the school gates, because ALL the fathers had been exactly the same. The kids didn’t get a look-in when it came to making the boxes!!

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