A New Look

I’ve been a bit fed up with my lounge for ages. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely room, but I’ve fancied a bit of a change for a while. The room itself is (deliberately) a bit of a blank canvas. White walls to maximise incoming light, oak flooring, brown leather furniture, and large cream rug. For around five years now, I’ve had a red and gold colour scheme, with cushions, candles, vases throws etc all in various tones of these colours. But my cushions had started falling apart and, quite frankly, I was just bored with the colour scheme.

So I took myself off to Matalan, spent just under £100, and gave my room a whole new colour scheme in lovely fresh spring colours – I am so pleased with it. Here are a couple of pics (though I have to say, they don’t do it justice – perhaps I should ask Ashley for some tips on how to photograph a room to its full potential – he should know, after all he is an estate agent!)


2 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. There’s no denying that Spring is on the way, freshening up rooms and manic cleaning seem to be the order of the day for lots of people just now; me included!

    Your room looks lovely, we don’t have a Matalan near us sadly but we did buy some lovely new bits and pieces in TK Maxx last weekend.

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