We had a fab few days away. Wroclaw was an interesting place, though not particularly geared up for tourism – indeed, we were near enough the only Brits on the plane both ways! The weather was cold but bright, and we did lots of walking and seeing the sights (not that many to see, though!). We also had some wonderful Polish food – the restaurants really were excellent – and, as with all the places we’ve visited in Eastern Europe – very reasonable, too.
The main square was amazing – see photos above – beautiful buildings and cobbled streets, and the area along the river around the cathedral was very pretty, but the rest of the town was pretty dismal and uncared for, to be honest. So much graffiti, and really grim-looking blocks of flats.
And it was VERY quiet, really not very many people around considering it’s quite a substantial city. We joked that perhaps it was because all the Polish people have moved to the UK!
All in all, a fun trip, and we’re already talking about where to go next year!

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