Delicious Dinner

We had friends round for dinner on Saturday evening, and Ashley cooked a fantastic meal (it did take him all day, I might add!). I particularly enjoyed it and savoured every mouthful, as my diet starts today (more of which later). So here is a rundown of the menu:

Lobster Ravioli with lemongrass veloute served on a bed of spinach
(This is a Gordon Ramsay recipe from his 3 Star Chef book – the kind of recipe that starts “First make some shellfish stock …..” Not my idea of fun cooking, but it was bloody delicious, I have to say! This is the third time Ashley’s made this, and I think he got the pasta just perfect this time.
Sorry for appalling photo – Ashley insisted on serving this on a shiny black plates which, together with a flash, make for a very dodgy photograph. This was scallop with Chinese five spice served with black pudding and cauliflower puree.

And the main course – fillet of beef with wild mushrooms, served on a crouton, with truffle oil roasted potatoes.

Pudding (which I made – well, I thought I should make some sort of contribution!) Lemongrass & coconut panna cotta with a passion fruit & mint coulis.

Funnily enough, we couldn’t manage cheese and biscuits after all this!


5 thoughts on “Delicious Dinner

  1. Hi Angie – I’ve tried to persuade Ashley to apply for Masterchef, but he’s not interested. I’ll keep nagging away though! I’m not a great cook by any standards – I can follow a recipe, but I’m not in the least creative, I’m afraid!

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