Proud Mummy! (And Very Brief Technology Rant)

I have spent the last three hours trying to upload a video of William doing a presentation at school this morning. Each child did a presentation on a subject of their choice (Will’s was karate), and the parents went to watch as well. They all did so well, really confident and clearly spoken, and I was a particularly proud mummy, as Will’s was one of the best (I would say that, wouldn’t I?!)
Anyway, I filmed Will, so Ashley could see him (Ashley’s away this week), and have downloaded the film clip onto the comp, but cannot make Blogger (or You Tube for that matter) upload it: both just keep saying they’re uploading it, but nothing happens, and I’ve left it going for over an hour. Very frustrating indeed, and I’ve got nothing else done today because of it – grrrrrrrr! On the plus side, I have just managed to take this still out of the clip, so at least I can post a pic.

2 thoughts on “Proud Mummy! (And Very Brief Technology Rant)

  1. Hello Caroline
    He looks very confident doesn’t he.
    I guess thats what they mean about public speaking – ‘know your subject and it will all fall into place’
    Take care

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