Tuesday’s Food

Breakfast – slice of melon, grapes and plum

Lunch – decided to have my main meal at lunchtime, as William had karate from 6 to 7, and it’s always a bit of a rush to eat afterwards, and too early to eat before. I had pasta (homemade, leftover from Ashley’s Saturday extravaganza) with a sauce made from a sausage, some roasted peppers, tinned tomatoes and a shallot, with a little bit of grated parmesan on the top. It was lovely, and there was enough left for William’s supper, too.

Snack – Ryvita cherry cereal bar (tastier than I thought it would be, and filled me up quite well, too!)

Dinner – brown bread sandwich, filled with a little bit of grated smoked applewood cheddar (yum), cucumber, sliced spring onions and sweetcorn, all mixed together with a bit of low fat mayo and a bit of 0% Greek yogurt. Really tasty!


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