Bad Ebay Sales

I’ve had a couple of really appalling weeks on Ebay – lots of items with no interest at all, and things that are selling, are going for really low prices.

Could it be that the recession is biting as far as second hand goods on Ebay now? Or maybe it’s just coincidence. My gut feeling tells me it’s not the recession, as I sell almost exclusively second-hand goods, and surely the market for good quality second-hand should remain steady or even rise during a recession? I don’t know, I’m no economist ….

But I feel very unsettled about it.

I have noticed a pattern since the beginning of the year that sales are far better in the first half of the month than the second half (too much month at the end of the money syndrome, I assumed), but this month has been bad all the way through. Change of season, perhaps?

I don’t know, but I’ll just keep plugging away …


8 thoughts on “Bad Ebay Sales

  1. I haven’t sold anything on eBay for some time, mostly because I don’t ever feel that it’s worth it.

    I always find it such a hassle to get the photos sorted, list everything, monitor the sales, and then shipping everything off can be a hassle too, particularly if I’m waiting for payments.

    I usually find any financial gain isn’t worth the time for me so I just don’t bother. Hopefully your sales will pick up soon though!!

  2. I had a very lean spell on ebay in the run-up to Christmas and was seriously fearing the worst – that the recession had even affected ebay sales. Luckily, since the New Year I’ve done much better and have been really pleased with what some items have sold for. Of course, there have been some absolute stinkers too so it’s not been all plain sailing!

  3. @ Holly – I have to say, I wouldn’t have the patience if I worked full-time to do eBay as well, but I see eBay as one of my part-time jobs, and usually it brings in a nice regular amount – not at the moment though!

    @ Elizabeth – Funnily enough, I had the best ever pre-Christmas sales last year, so it just goes to show, I suppose, that there’s no real trend. I’ve had a big sort out of my Ebay cupboard today and found lots of things I’d forgotten about, so will be listing those soon – fingers crossed for an improvement in sales!

  4. I think with ebay going ‘free’ for .99p or less there will be an initial glut of goods which makes supply greater than demand, hence perhaps your not so great sales. Give it a month and I think you’ll see your sales pick back up again. 😀 That’s my 2 penneth anyway.

  5. am currently viewing ebay as my decluttering / recycling for cash sort of thing. I wouldnt be doing it if it wasnt something I could do at the same time as look after my son.

    I am surprised by what goes and what doesnt. its funny. also when I am buying things seem to go up a lot – even if its just some cheap second hand item. top shop does very well it seems.

  6. Caroline,

    A few of the reactions of such economic conditions is that some people buy second hand stuff instead of brand-new. Some switch to handmade rather than designer wear. Some opt for online buying rather than spending time/money to drive all the way up.

    In all of these situations, your sales shouldn’t directly be effected so much.

    Of course, the general mood for buying things just for fun reduces, as people want to hold on to whatever money they’ve got.

    But on the whole, I think you should not lose heart. Things will take a turn.

    I have a growing community of sellers who seem to be doing well for themselves. If you want you can setup a store there as well ( for free. Listing are free as well – infact you can easily import your ebay listings. Silkfair earns money in the form 3% commission on sale.

    Once you have your store up, we usually help promote stores on our blog and on twitter for our sellers.

    Let me know if you need more details.


  7. @ Jen – you could be right, Jen, the 99p thing may be part of it. I never start anything below £1.99, because selling something at 99p barely covers Paypal and eBay fee costs these days.

    @ gsd – you’ve just reminded me I’ve got a Top Shop skirt to put on – must go and dig it out – thanks 🙂

    @ Cathy – thanks for the link – have had a look but don’t think it’s any good for me as it all seems US based, but thanks anyway.

    @ Angie – Swishing is quite a big thing over here currently, was watching a programme about it a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how good it would be for me, though, being one of life’s ‘larger’ ladies!!

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