Loving My New Car

I didn’t blog yesterday, because I spent most of the day driving, as I went to Bournemouth to pick up my new car (well, new to me, not new new). I’ve waited a loooooong time for a new car, and it is absolutely fab, I’m so loving it. Every time I walk past the window and see it outside, it makes me smile. And it’s just gorgeous to drive ….
Right, I’m sure you’re all bored with me banging on about my car now, so I’ll stop.
Today has been nice, another sunny day, and I’m really hoping that it will stay this way for the weekend – fingers crossed.
My (soon to be ex) sister-in-law came over for lunch today – we had planned to walk over to the pub for lunch, but I decided to cook at home, and made delicious – if I do say so myself – roasted Mediterranean vegetables with goats cheese and basil – planned to take a photo, but by the time I remembered, we’d eaten most of it! It was nice to catch up, as I hadn’t seen her for a while, and we even treated ourselves to a glass of wine with lunch – well, it is Friday!

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