Jade Goody – And A Bit Of A Rant

I was so sad to hear this morning that Jade had lost her battle with cancer. Whatever your opinion of Jade, it is just desperately sad that somebody of only 27 years old, with two lovely young sons, should lose their life to this terrible disease.

I was reading in The Times only yesterday that here in the UK we have some of the worst survival rates for cancer in Europe – this is SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH. When is somebody in powergoing to realise that more money needs to be pumped into doing the best we can to beat cancer (and other diseases too) – and if this necessitates cutting back on some of the ridculous and never-ending bloody welfare payments to people who neither need nor deserve them, then so be it.

My best friend, Linda, died of cancer when we were both 16, and although treatment has moved on, and survival rates have improved, surely the fact that we are far behind most of the rest of Europe in terms of these rates should signal that something is amiss somewhere.


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