Chicken Liver Pate & A Busy Weekend

Yesterday I made chicken liver pate, which was very yummy indeed (other than the fact I forgot to season it). I’ve never made pate before, but I’ll definitely do it again sometime.
It’s been a nice weekend here, bright and sunny mostly. We’ve been quite busy – William had a birthday party to go to yesterday up on Dartmoor, so we delivered him to that, then went and had a delicious lunch at The Rock Inn at Haytor. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, so it was nice to get the opportunity to do so. I had haddock and bacon fishcakes, which were gorgeous, and Ashley chose halibut on a bed of ratatouille and basil oil, which was equally good. We’ll definitely be going back again, and perhaps even stay the night in one of their lovely rooms (we asked to have a look at some of the rooms while we were there).
Last night, as I mentioned the other day, was dinner with friends – lovely to catch up with everybody, and more delicious food. Bit of a thick head this morning, and that, together with lack of sleep plus the hour forward meant that I didn’t get to the car boot sale.
Have just taken William to another birthday party (he has such a full social calendar!!), luckily this one was only five mins up the road, and am now planning a lazy afternoon with my book and catching up with some TV programmes that I’ve recorded this week. I’m going to clean the car first though.
Hope everybody’s had a good weekend.

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