Dinner For Eight

Last weekend, while enjoying a few glasses of vino in the sunshine on Sunday afternoon at friends’, I decided it would be a good idea to invite 8 people for dinner on Good Friday. When I woke up Monday morning, I wasn’t so sure it was the best idea I’d ever had, but hey ho, these things happen, and it’s happening tonight!!

I’ve decided to go simple with the menu, because 8 is a lot of people to cook for (I’m doing it all myself, as I invited them, and usually Ashley cooks when we have people for dinner), and this is what I’ve decided to cook:

Garlic & Stilton mushrooms served on a french bread crouton
* * *
Beef bourginonne (good old Delia!)
Roast potatoes
Carrots and green beans
* * *
Chocolate mousse (Nigella Express, quickest and easiest choc mousse in the world , and very yummy)
Lemongrass and coconut panna cotta (also easy, Ashley’s current favourite)
* * *
Cheese and biscuits

I’ll try and photograph it and post it all up tomorrow, but I might be too harassed to do so!

However, hopefully it won’t be too arduous, as it’s almost all prepare-ahead stuff. In fact, hopefully yesterday’s shopping trip around Tesco will turn out to be the most arduous bit – I rather wondered if we were expecting a nuclear attack rather than a Bank Holiday weekend, judging by the trolley rage and panic buying that seemed to be occurring!


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