Weekend Round-Up

It’s been a really lovely Easter weekend – and the weather has been unbelievably kind, which certainly makes a nice change.

Friday was my dinner party for eight, so I spent most of the day cooking. Dinner was fab, enjoyed by all, and a really nice evening. I wasn’t too stressed, but didn’t quite manage to get photos of my cooking, but did take this one of everybody in and around the hot tub later on that evening. The raspberry sambuca and Skittles vodka came out after this photo was taken, which turned out not to be such a great idea in retrospect – there were some sore heads in the morning (mine being one of them, despite the fact I didn’t drink either of the above!).
So Saturday was a bit of a lazy one, and we didn’t do very much until later on in the afternoon when we took a trip to Halfords and bought mountain bikes for Ashley and me. We’ve been cycling around and about the village for the last couple of days, and my bottom is really sore and my legs are aching a lot! We’re now thinking about getting a bike rack for the Range Rover so we can go further afield (funnily enough all the bike rides I’m interested in doing end up at a pub!).
Easter Sunday was glorious, and after my early trip to the car boot sale, I sat out in the garden and caught up with Saturday’s Times (I never get a chance to finish all the supplements so it was really nice to be able to do so for once), and also read through the first half of my camera manual (yeah, I know, I got it four months ago and I still haven’t read the book!!). Who knew what amazing things my camera can do – it even has a special setting for taking photos of fireworks! Ashley and William spent the day adjusting the bikes and perfecting their boat design for the ultimate boat race next weekend (be afraid, Nick & Sam, be very afraid!). Ashley cooked roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner last night, and then I went to bed and watched Rachel Getting Married (very strange movie indeed, but Anne Hathaway was very good in it), while the boys stayed downstairs and watched Lost In Space.
Below is a pic I took of the sunset over Dartmoor(after learning all about my camera) from my bedroom window last night.

Today’s plans (how can it be 11 o’clock already?!) are for another fairly lazy day, and we’re meeting up with friends for lunch at the pub in the village later on, so looking forward to that. I’m definitely going to read the rest of my camera manual as well, and get some stuff listed on eBay hopefully.


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