To Do List

Right, in an effort to organise my time more effectively (I seem to while away hours of the day without really achieving anything – anybody else feel like that?) – here is my ‘to do list’ for the next three days. Although I’m quite an organised person, I do procrastinate A LOT, and I’m really trying hard to stop. Because I mostly work from home, I find it very easy to get distracted from the task in hand. Right, here goes:

  1. Clean Dining Room
  2. Clean loos and basins x 3
  3. Declutter drawer in Dining Room with instructions manuals etc.
  4. Read through satnav instruction book so I can work the b****y thing.
  5. Liaise with Claire @ school re website updates.
  6. Organise website updates.
  7. Friday – do 5k walk.
  8. Ironing.
  9. Type up 2 x sets of minutes
  10. Tidy hideous clothes mess in my bedroom.
  11. Get all eBay listings for next week done and scheduled (gotta love Auctiva!)
  12. Sort out train tickets for half term trip to London.
  13. Car insurance – need to get quotes.
  14. Write an interesting blog post (shouldn’t be too difficult to get more interesting than this one) on one of the huge list of possible subjects I’ve got written down.
  15. Transfer all my random notes into one notebook and organise them into proper lists etc.
  16. Friday – town – return trousers, buy lipgloss, take two bags to charity shop, go to bank for cash.
  17. Loft – put two boxes and winter duvet up, get box of shoes down.
  18. Go for a bike ride with William.
  19. Sort out date with MIL to go to garden centre & buy her b’day present (b’day was 1st March – MUST do this).
  20. Hoover & dust landing and stairs.
  21. Defrag my computer.
  22. Finish reading through camera manual.
  23. Sort out diary for next week, schedule things in that need doing, including exercise.

4 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. LOL, I need to start doing lists too.
    I’ve been reading a book with extracts from 1920’s women’s lives with lists of their jobs for the day…so busy!
    I could do with taking a leaf out of both your books and making a list. The house is a tip (I blame the husband).

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