Photographic Memory Friday

I was looking through lots of old photographs recently, and thought it would be nice to do a regular-ish feature of photographs from the past that bring back happy memories.

The obvious first one for my series is this one, taken on our wedding day (no sh*t Sherlock!) nearly thirteen years ago. It strikes me looking back at it now, how young we both look (and how much thinner, too!)

We had a lovely day, although the weather was pretty miserable for June, but to be honest I don’t think we really took much notice. We got married and had our reception at the Rhinefield House Hotel in the New Forest – we really wanted to have just one venue, rather than everybody having to drive from church to reception – all a bit inconvenient we thought. We encountered a problem, though, because the hotel we wanted didn’t have a ‘licensed’ room for weddings, therefore we couldn’t get married there. Until I found a vicar in the Free Ads (yes, really) who was happy to carry out a wedding ceremony anywhere you fancied. Real vicar, all the same words and everything, only problem was, it wasn’t a legal wedding. So, we sneaked off a week before the wedding and got married ‘officially’ in Torquay Registry Office – just us and two friends as witnesses – and then went and drank champagne and ate fish and chips on the seafront! And nobody on the actual day had any idea we were actually already married!!


3 thoughts on “Photographic Memory Friday

  1. Hi Girl With the Golden Touch – and thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we were lucky to have two very different weddings, but both equally enjoyable in their own way. x

    @ FT – hey there fellow Devon blogger! Am looking forward to joining in with the challenge, and am bringing forward my start date to today as plans have changed. Good luck to all of us!

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