Sunday Car Booty

Not a very big boot sale this morning, think the weather must have put lots of people off, as both sellers and buyers were thin on teh ground. It had rained on and off all night and was still raining half-heartedly when I left home at 6.30 this morning, and the boot sale had relocated to inside the multistorey car park.

Favourite purchase of the day was this beautiful purple velvet vintage jacket from Snob, wish it fitted me, but it’s longer than I care to remember since I was a size 10 (probably never, actually). So I paid £3, which is more than I usually like to pay for things at a car boot, but it really is a beautiful jacket, and I think it will sell well.

Turquoise cropped trousers £1 for me

3 kids tops 20p each to sell

Cute Nike baby shoes 50p to sell

Black Per Una top 50p to sell

Lovely Dune strappy sandals £1.50 to sell

4 books for me, 50p each

Wedgwood silver jubilee lidded pot £1.50 to sell

Jack in the Pulpit vase 75p to sell

Hair dye & Body shop cleanser, 80p for the two to sell

Tomy Aquadraw, £2. Bought this to sell, but think it might be a turkey, will have to see.

Hey, Holly, I think I’ve broken my own record – been car booting, come home, filled dishwasher and washed up last night’s dinner pans, made tea, photographed purchases and all written up and posted on the blog by 8.30 am! Right, that’s me back to bed then!!!!!


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