To Do List Update

Thought I’d better do an update on my mammoth three day ‘to do’ list from Friday, to see how I got on. I must admit that I allowed myself a couple of extra hours this morning to finish off a few bits, as well as the initial three days:

Clean Dining Room done
Clean loos and basins x 3 done
Declutter drawer in Dining Room with instructions manuals etc. done – who knew I had so much stuff to throw out – my recycling box is bulging!
Read through satnav instruction book so I can work the b****y thing. done – but I think using the damn thing is the only way to really figure it out. Trouble is, it’s only once in a blue moon that I’ll be going anywhere that I’ll need it, so it’ll probably be like starting from scratch each time.
Liaise with Claire @ school re website updates. done
Organise website updates. NOT DONE
Friday – do 5k walk. done
Ironing. done
Type up 2 x sets of minutes done
Tidy hideous clothes mess in my bedroom. done – but it’s already building up again!
Get all eBay listings for next week done and scheduled (gotta love Auctiva!) done – what a horrible job doing it all at once, but I’m so glad it’s done and I don’t have to do listings every day this week.
Sort out train tickets for half term trip to London. done – book on Friday afternoon, arrived in the post Sat morning – now that’s what I call service!
Car insurance – need to get quotes. NOT DONE
Write an interesting blog post (shouldn’t be too difficult to get more interesting than this one) on one of the huge list of possible subjects I’ve got written down. done – well, I wrote a few posts anyway, I’ll let my readers be the judges of whether they’re interesting or not!
Transfer all my random notes into one notebook and organise them into proper lists etc. sort of done, but more work need doing
Friday – town – return trousers, buy lipgloss, take two bags to charity shop, go to bank for cash. done
Loft – put two boxes and winter duvet up, get box of shoes down. done
Go for a bike ride with William. done
Sort out date with MIL to go to garden centre & buy her b’day present (b’day was 1st March – MUST do this). done – going this Friday – not looking forward to it.
Hoover & dust landing and stairs. done
Defrag my computer. done
Finish reading through camera manual. NOT DONE
Sort out diary for next week, schedule things in that need doing, including exercise. done

All in all, not too bad, I think. This system seemed to work quite well, so here’s my list from now till Wednesday:

  1. Organise school website updates
  2. Car insurance – get quotes
  3. Finish reading through camera manual.
  4. Hoover & dust office
  5. Hoover & dust William’s bedroom
  6. Book myself onto Clerks’ update course
  7. Make hair appointment.
  8. Sort out white box in bedroom
  9. Sort out savings a/c money and transfer
  10. Declutter little black box on desk.
  11. Update my blog profile and blog roll.
  12. Declutter baking cupboard in kitchen.

4 thoughts on “To Do List Update

  1. My word you’re much more organised than me 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I’ll be popping back here often for inspiration. I’m just starting my health kick too 🙂

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