Relative Love by Amanda Brookfield

It’s a while since I did book review, so thought I would do one on this, which I finished last weekend. It’s a family saga, telling the story of a well-to-do family and what happens to them after a tragedy strikes their seemingly fairly perfect lives: how secrets come out and lives unravel. It was a really good story – I loved the fact that there was a wide range of characters from grandparents down to quite young children, and the author did a really good job of telling events from all the different perspectives.
I haven’t read any of Amanda Brookfield’s books before, and I did find her descriptive passages a bit overlong and laboured – towards the end of the book I found myself skipping through some of the wordier parts. The story itself and the characters were excellent, though, and I will certainly look out for more books by this author. To draw a comparison, I would say this book is similar to Penny Vincenzi’s books, but not as good.

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