Sunday Car Booty

Soooo didn’t want to get out of bed at 6.30 this morning – it was a real struggle. And it’s cold here today – sunny spells, but a very chilly wind blowing. It was nice to get home again. It was silly price morning as well – we lost count of the number of people who said ‘it was £40 (for example) when I bought it, you know, love’. They seem to have totally lost sight of the fact they’re trying to sell something used (and often not in brilliant condition, either), in the middle of a draughty field at 7.30 on a Sunday morning. It’s hardly Selfridges, is it? Anyway, here’s today’s booty:

Baby sling £2.50 to sell

M&S; black wedges, brand new, 50p to sell

Gorgeous Monsoon shoes, sadly don’t fit me, £1 to sell

Bagpuss hot water bottle cover 25p to sell
Two size 30 Evans tops £1 each to sell
Set of 4 small lidded pots, 30p for me
Wii game £7 for Will for Xmas
Isabella Rossellini perfume giftset 50p to sell (will wait till Xmas though – these sorts of things always go better then).

Brand new Next cropped trousers £1.50 to sell
Cycling in Devon & Cornwall book, 30p for me
Cross stitch kit £1 to sell
Gina Ford book £1 (rather pricy, I thought!) to sell
Crocs 50p to sell
Geox trainers 50p to sell
Also bought a courgette plant for Ashley for 40p, and a baby swim float for £1 to sell.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Well doen with your finds!! Sometimes people want top whack for their used bits and bobs – went to booty like that last week shocking prices.
    Had better luck today 😉

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