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I’ve written before about William’s friend J, whose parents have separated and who lives 50/50 between his Mum & Dad. 

Although his mother, R, has always been perfectly pleasant and hasn’t ever done anything to offend me particularly (other than not turning up to a restaurant that I’d made a group booking for, after saying she would – note to self: take cash deposits next time – she wasn’t the only one!), there’s something about her I just don’t like. 

I can’t stand her ex-husband either – anybody who turns up to Speech Day at school with a book and proceeds to read all the way through proceedings, doesn’t get my vote of likeability I’m afraid.  Not to mention regularly picking his son up from school in a helicopter (although it hasn’t been much in evidence since the credit crunch hit – ha ha!) – how unnecessary and ostentatious is THAT!  He also turned up to a drinks party at one of the other parent’s houses a while back with a bottle of wine (as you do).  When asked what he would like to drink, he said white wine, was given some, took a sip, and said ‘I can’t drink that – can I have the wine I brought with me’.  Good thing it wasn’t my party, I can tell you.

Anyway, I digress.   Will was round at J’s house on the afternoon they broke up from school for the Easter holidays, and when I went to collect him,  R, the mother, was rushing round busily and told me she was packingfor a holiday to Mexico the following day, cruising down the coast whale-watching.  I made all the right noises, and said to Jamie how much he must be looking forward to his holiday.  ‘I’m not going’ he said.  R was going away on holiday with her new boyfriend (sorry, fiance) for three weeks – the entire school Easter Holiday – and leaving her child with his father.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure his father does an excellent job of looking after him, but the things I don’t really ‘get’ are:

a) Why would anybody want to be away from their child for THREE WEEKS, and particularly miss out on spending ANY of the school holidays with them?  She returned from her trip the day after the start of term.

b) How did J feel about this? 

c) How can you not want to share an experience such as a holiday, and more particularly whale-watching, with your nine-year-old child – they would just LOVE it?

And this is the reason I don’t like her.  I think she’s selfish, and I think she puts herself first. 

Am I being too harsh?  Would love to hear what everybody else thinks about this one.


4 thoughts on “More On Kids

  1. I totally get what you mean about the parents grating on you (helicopter WTF! lol), though I don´t think the mother is the worst in the world for taking a holiday without her son when he will be totally fine with his father.

    I think 3 weeks would be far too long for me though. 2 years ago I went to Sicily with friends without husband or children – I was away less than 5 days, however I started to really suffer with missing them, I was really homesick for them.

    So, yes, I think she is a bit selfish 🙂

  2. they do sound a bit like arses. maybe it was dad’s turn for the easter holidays? ? in which case she could be at least making the most of not being with him? perhaps not. fiance? how long have they been separated??

  3. All I can say is that William is obviously very lucky to have a Mum like you Caroline! Someone who loves spending time with him and wouldn’t dream of leaving him out of such amazing things.

  4. No they sound like utter arses. I must admit some of my daughter’s friends do seem more like fashion accessories than children when you see how their parents treat them i.e ignore them. One of dd’s friends is five and her father is on his *third* family since she was born, poor kid never knows where she stands.

    In fairness the longest we’ve ever left dd was for 10days when she was about 16 months because we were asked to a wedding in America. There were to be no children invited to the wedding, which meant although we could have taken her, one of us would had to have missed the ceremony and the reception, so we left her with my parents. Also I’d not slept for literally 16 months at that point so was happy to have 10 days sleep and see her on the webcam everyday 🙂 I came back a much happier mummy! But I couldn’t leave her for 10 days left alone 3 weeks now, I’d miss her too much.

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