Busy Few Days


Half term’s always a busy time, and we’ve been out and about making the most of the weather.   On Saturday we went to the Devon County Show, which William really enjoyed, but was very hard work – took an hour and three quarters to get there (which should take us about 20 mins), and over an hour to get out again.  Because the weather was nice, and because they let kids in free on Saturday, it was absolutely packed (and I don’t do crowds very well).  We did get to sit on the lawn outside the sponsor’s marquee and watch the show jumping for a while, which was lovely (Ashley had got us free tickets through work which allowed us to get into this area, which was a peaceful haven after the mass of humanity everywhere else!).    And we really enjoyed seeing all the rare breed animals and exhibitions of sheep shearing and blacksmiths at work.  The majority of the show, however, seemed to consist of people trying to flog overpriced crap that nobody needs at vastly over-inflated prices – and equally, the general public seeming desperate to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for said crap.  Not much sign of the credit crunch at all.

Yesterday, in a very different vein, William and I had a day out with friends cycling.  The weather was just perfect – not too hot, but bright and sunny, and we cycled on the most gorgeous cycle path from the outskirts of Plymouth up to the edge of Dartmoor.  The scenary was stunning, and we saw peregrine falcons and their chicks nesting on the cliffs of an old quarry.  Cycle paths are brilliant for cycling with kids – no worries about traffic.  We cycled a total of 12 miles (go us!!) and I was totally exhausted by the end of it, but it had been a fab day.  We did stop for a pub lunch halfway, which was much needed and very welcome, as the outward half of the trip is almost all uphill. 

Then out for dinner with friends last night.  Not a good day for my diet – but very good for the soul.  Talking of my diet, I’ve lost 4 lbs in my first week taking Alli, and no side effects, so I’m pretty pleased.


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