Weekend In London


What a perfect day for the London Eye!

William at the Rainforest Cafe

What a lovely weekend we had in London!

The weather was just perfect; we shopped till we dropped; ate lots of lovely food and drank lots of nice cocktails and wine; saw The Lion King, which was SO much better than I had anticipated, and William was absolutely entranced by it; stayed at a great hotel; spent hours in Hamleys; went to the Rainforest Cafe (terrible food but great theming – no surprise there, then!); and went on the London Eye.  Phew – we packed in a lot of stuff!

I just LOVE London – when you live in a village of around 150 houses in Devon, the contrast of visiting our capital city is quite marked.    Not that I don’t love Devon as well, of course, but I think I appreciate London more because of where I live.

The train journey was even fun – I’ve always enjoyed train journeys – watching the countryside whizz by and getting a few hours of uninterrupted reading – what could be better?!

So, another half term over, and back to to school for Will this morning.  Four weeks on Thursday is the end of term, and the nine and half week summer holiday marathon will begin! 


One thought on “Weekend In London

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I love love Devon btw, unfortunately only visited it for 5 days in 2001, however it was just what I imagine England to really be like.

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