Oh. My. God.

Remember the post called “Three …” I did the other day? 

Well, one of the categories was ‘Who are your three favourite authors?’  And one of the ones I listed was Adele Parks.  And I’ve just had a blog comment from her (yes, from her – the actual author, who’s written loads of brilliant books), thanking me for reading her books and spreading the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is that?


4 thoughts on “Oh. My. God.

  1. Oh My God… indeed – I had this when I did a post about The Barefoot Investor…. fell of my Chair when I saw the comment – but it’s great isn’t it that authors are reading blogs and commenting!!

  2. Yes, seriously – isnt she like the Irish Priministers daughter or something? or is that some one… oh no that is Cecila Aherne.

    I met Lisa Jewel once. I love her books have you read them?

  3. Mo – I love Lisa Jewell’s books – her sense of humour makes me laugh out loud, and I always adore her characters.

    I’m still in shock that an actual author commented on my post.

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