Photographic Memory Friday

ann and meThis is a picture of me and my friend Ann.  We met on holiday in Spain when I was 14 and Ann was 15, and although we lived at opposite ends of the country (Ann in Liverpool, me in Bournemouth), we kept in touch by letter and phone (I still have every letter Ann ever wrote me tucked away in the loft), and got together whenever we could. 

 This picture was taken in Ann’s apartment in LA in 1993 – she had moved over to the States to work as a nurse, and I’d gone over to visit her – we had a fab time!

 We lost touch in 1995 after a falling out because I felt she had let me down very badly as a friend, but many times over the intervening years I’ve thought about her, and wondered what’s happening in her life.

 At the end of last year, she got back in touch via Facebook (the wonders of Facebook – so wasted on the young!!), and this week we spoke to each other on the phone for the first time in fourteen years.  She lives in San Diego now, and has two daughters.  Hopefully one day we’ll meet up again, but in the meantime, it’s great to be back in touch.


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