It’s All Just A Juggling Act


Tuesday didn’t start well in our house.  The conversation over breakfast at 7.30 this morning went something like this:

William: Mummy, are you coming to watch me play cricket at school this afternoon?  I’m in the match.

Me: Eh?  What match?  What cricket?

William: The interhouse cricket finals.  They’re on today at 1.45. 

Me: Why are you only just now telling me this?  Why didn’t you tell me before? 

William: I don’t know, I thought I did …

Me: William, today I’m dropping you at school, going straight to Exeter where I’m on a course until 2.30, then I’ve got to go home, wrap up a dozen Ebay parcels, pick you up from school at 4, and get to the Post Office to post the parcels before it shuts.  How can I POSSIBLY come and watch you play cricket at 1.45 pm?

William (looking upset): Okay, don’t worry, Mummy.  It doesn’t matter.

So, my day then went something like this:

Drop William at school 8.30.  Rush to Exeter (dreadful traffic at that time of day), arrive at course for 9 am start by the skin of my teeth (no time for pre-course coffee).  Spend morning alternately listening to various County Council bods give updates on recent legislation changes re school governance (including a particularly gruesome 1 hour presentation on the role of the governing body during audit) and feeling TERRIBLE about William’s cricket match.  Spend half hour coffee break mid-morning responding to three messages on my mobile phone, by the time I get to the coffee, there is just the dregs left in the bottom of the jug.  Further two hours of course, followed by (scheduled at 1.00 pm) LUNCH – the high point of the whole course, really.  Course overruns by 20 mins due to bloody people asking Audit woman questions (she’s obviously never heard of the word succinct).  Lunch is served at 1.20.  No time for lunch (looks lovely as I run past it, however).  Some prat has half blocked me in, in the car park, and it takes A-G-E-S to manoeuvre out of parking space without hitting him.  Drive like woman possessed to school, arrive only 10 minutes after start of match, and get to see my boy playing cricket.  His little face – he’s so happy I came  Was worth missing lunch.  Thankfully school have put on lovely afternoon tea spread, which makes up for it, and two hours sitting in the sun chatting is very pleasant.

4 pm – leave school with William, drive like woman possessed to get home to deal with parcels.  Half way home, William remembers he’s left his homework at school.  Return to school.  Pick up homework.  Drive home, get all the way there this time.  4.50 pm arrive home.  Feel like cartoon woman madly tearing at bubble wrap, brown paper and masking tape.  Get to Post Office at 5.25 pm.  Man in PO not impressed, wants to go home (understandable).  Am sure have sent all wrong parcels to wrong buyers.  Do hope not.

Anyway, Ashley’s away this week, so at least I didn’t have to cook dinner.  I have just made myself this very delicious prawn cocktail with homegrown lettuce, and eaten it whilst typing this.  It was yummy.  I am glad today is nearly over.  I’m also glad I went to the cricket.


5 thoughts on “It’s All Just A Juggling Act

  1. You made the right decision to go to the cricket 🙂 but glad you still got to the PO as well. Super-multi-tasking award goes to you today!

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