The Weekend

Saturday again already.   I’m looking forward to this weekend.  

Tonight my brother, Nick, and his two children, and my parents, are all coming to stay.  It’s going to be a full house!  Ashley’s mum is also joining us for dinner, so it’ll be a lovely family evening. 

Tomorrow morning Ashley and Nick are running the Torbay Half Marathon, and the rest of us are going to drive over to Paignton later on in the morning and watch them finish.  Then back home for a barbecue in the afternoon (fingers crossed for the weather).    I’m also hoping to sneak in a quick visit to the car boot tomorrow morning before everybody else is awake!

So I’m busy getting bedrooms and bedding sorted out for everybody, and having a quick hoover round.   Later on I’ll be cooking a big lasagne (to be served with garlic ciabatta and mixed leaf home-grown salad), and finishing off the fruit bat cake Will and I started yesterday.


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