Sunday Car Booty – A Day Late

I was at the car boot sale even earlier than usual (6.30 am), as I had a houseful of guests and needed to get back to organise breakfast. So early a lot of sellers were still arriving and setting up. Too early, really, to get any super-good bargains, as people don’t like to drop their prices so early. Still did OK, though:


Clarks Doodles £1 to sell
Jones black leather shoes, £1 to sell
River Island mules, £1 to sell


Yo Sushi Japanese Cook Book – £1.25 for Ashley (xmas pressie)
Jodi Picoult book £1 (more than I’d normally pay for a book, but it was hardback and is fairly newly published), for me
Tanning body moisturiser 50p for me
Bronnley Lily of the Valley soaps £1 to sell


French Connection grandad collar shirt, £1 for Ashley (although it looks a bit big so may end up being sold)
Wallis brightly coloured skirt, £1 for me


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