Recycling Week – The Story So Far

I pledged to not throw away any food for Recycling Week. If I do throw anything away, I have to donate £3 to charity for each item.

 Day 1 – Mon

Having had a houseful of people all weekend, the fridge is crammed with all manner of leftovers.  Not an ideal start, particularly as we’re out tomorrow night, and Ashley’s then away for the rest of the week until Friday.

Had a lot of leftover cooked new potatoes from yesterday’s barbecue, so gave half to Mum & Dad to take home with them, will fry some of the rest for Will’s dinner this evening, along with a leftover sausage, and some barbecue beans.

An immediate problem was what to do with half a stale baguette.  I cut it into small round sliced, brushed them with olive oil and cooked them in the oven for 8 mins, turning over halfway, to make crispy toasts.  These will keep for a good few days.  Not sure whether it actually cost more to heat up the oven specially to cook these, than it would have done to throw it away.   Oh well.

 Day 2 – Tues

Had to throw away some prawns in Marie Rose sauce, which didn’t smell great.  Considered eating them anyway, so I didn’t have to throw them away, but didn’t fancy getting food poisoning.  The problem was, they’d been shoved to back of fridge, and I’d forgotten they were there.  They’d lurked for a week before I found them this morning.

Day 3 – Wed

As I was in Torquay for lunch today, I couldn’t resist the lure of a quick trip to the newly opened Waitrose (previously, our nearest Waitrose was 50 miles away!).  Considering how much stuff I still had in the fridge, I REALLY didn’t need to go, and I managed to restrict myself to only buying four items. 

 I did feel rather guilty as I ate my (very delicious) Waitrose spaghetti carbonara this evening, however, knowing that I should really be using the leftovers in the fridge to make something for dinner.


4 thoughts on “Recycling Week – The Story So Far

  1. Well done for doing your bit to avoid waste. I found a pack of sweetcorn in teh fridge the other day that had gone green mouldy. Something that rarely happens at our house as anything that looks on the way off is given to the dogs.

  2. Good for you. Anything fishy is a defo candidate to get rid of. I know what you mean about Waitrose, I always spend at least £20 more there because they have so mcuh cool stuff.

    Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the week…

    • We call it the ‘Waitrose Trolley Tax’. But it’s so much nicer to shop in than Tesco, it always feels like a treat!

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