Sunday Car Booty

It was misty and cloudy when I got up at 6.30 – and isn’t much better now. It looks like the cloud and rain we’ve been forecast for days has finally arrived. I don’t mind too much – mostly because I’m off to Greece for 12 days on Wednesday (woo hoo!), but also because it means that I can get back into bed later on this morning with my book (currently reading A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown, on the recommendation of apieceofwood, and enjoying it so far) and a cup of tea, without feeling too guilty.


Boots No 7 Gift Set – £2 – to sell
2 paperback books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages – 50p each
Kylie Minogue body lotion and Kate Moss body lotion – 75p each to sell
Large Tresemme conditioner – 50p for me


2 gorgeous Monsoon chinese style tops – £1.25 each to sell


Fenn Wright Manson silky tie front blouse – 50p to sell
Short sleeve Yves Saint Laurent shirt £1 – poss for Ashley or to sell (he’s not sure if he likes the button down collar)


Assorted shoes and football boots, 50p to £1 per pair to sell, apart from the fab black patent platform stilettos from New Look, which were £2.50, and are mine, all mine!

Happy Sunday Everybody!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Not long now ’till you are basking in the sun ( Yes the sun will shine there by wednesday1) Have a great time.
    On another note if you ever find a silk shirt, plain colour size large, will you let me know before you put it on ebay!!!!

  2. we went and got some great booty today too! although its bloody hot here. got lots of stuff for bub from baby gap, next and fat face. and some baby cutlery – knives and forks. he so wants to try these now.

    • Boot sales are great for getting baby stuff, Mo, aren’t they? I wish I’d ‘discovered’ them when William was a bit younger, really. I still get some great bits and bobs for him now, though, even at the grand old age of 9!

  3. Well done on your bits and bobs!
    It hot sunny and humid here and yes I’ve seen the weather forecast for this week -rain!
    Have a nice hols and think of us, grey dreary weather and no fun 😦

    btw thanks for the comment about the cover I sold – giving me confidence to sell other things now.

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