A Prize!

Tomorrow is Speech Day & Prizegiving at William’s school – it’s a lovely event, and one that I enjoy every year, despite the fact Will’s never won a prize. 

This year, however, we decided to take Will out of school for the last couple of days of term (which ends on Friday), as it meant we could save 500 Euros on the price of our holiday if we went two days earlier.  I eventually got round to sending an email to school last week, to let them know that Will would be away for the last two days, and later that same afternoon had a phone call from the School Secretary to confirm that they’d received the email and it was fine for Will to have the last two days off school.  The conversation then went something like this:

School Sec: It’s a shame that you’re going to be missing Speech Day, though, Mrs ….

Me: Yes, I know, we always enjoy it, but never mind.

SS: It’s just that William has been awarded the Pupil Progress prize this year.

Me: Oh my goodness, really?

SS: Yes.  We’ll still read his name out on Speech Day, obviously, and we’ll put his book token in the post to him, but it’s a shame he won’t be able to receive his prize personally.

Me: Oh, thank you ….. and I’m so sorry we won’t be able to be there …..

I felt absolutely gutted.  It always brings a tear to my eye when any of William’s friends win a prize, so I would have been so proud to have seen my own son winning.  It’s always a big secret until the day itself who has won, so Will hasn’t even been able to tell any of his friends about it.  Will is equally gutted, and said that he’d rather get his prize than go on holiday (obviously, I wouldn’t go quite that far myself, although I did consider very briefly trying to change the flights to the following day).

Anyway, despite the fact we can’t attend, needless to say we’re proud as punch of him – he has worked so hard at school this year, and made amazing progress, particularly in English, which was one of his weaker areas previously.


3 thoughts on “A Prize!

  1. I think that’s an example of Sod’s Law! I hope you’ll have your own little celebration whilst on holiday. With lots of applause, naturally.

  2. What a smart cookie!! I agree with Liz, have your own little prizegiving on holiday and hopefully he’ll look back at this achievement with as many fond memories as he’d have had if he’d been there anyway!

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