July/August Goals – 34 Day Challenge

OK, I’ve just checked my diary, and there are 34 days until we go to spend some time with my parents at their house in Spain, before the start of the new school term.

 So I need to set some goals for the next few weeks, otherwise I just tend to drift along letting life happen during the summer holidays.  I’ve been having a think about what is realistic while I’ve been away on holiday, and I’ve come up with the following: 

  • Lose 10 lbs (God, you must all be sick of reading that written on my blog – I really promise to try hard). 
  • Exercise at least five times a week – try and think of different things to do so I don’t get bored, and which I can also include William with (eg bike rides)
  • Keep William occupied during the school holidays – have already booked him into karate summer school for a week, and he’ll also go and spend a few days with my parents, so that’s a good start)
  • Tackle some of my 101 list.
  • Keep on top of the housework.
  • Family meals – now Will’s on holiday, it’s an excellent opportunity to cook healthy meals for the whole family to eat together (tend not to do this during term time, as Ashley & I eat later than William).  Means less cooking if I’m only cooking one thing, as well.

 I am going to take a leaf out of Mo and Shoestring Alley’s book, and post daily updates on how I’m doing, so wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “July/August Goals – 34 Day Challenge

  1. Good goals so good luck with them. BTW have posted the recipe for the tuna pie after your comment on menu planning. It’s such a simple recipe and easily adapted to suit yur own tastes. Thanks for all your other comments too.

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