Computer Clutter

In the never-ending war against clutter in our house, the computer is something that is sadly neglected, and yet it’s one of the worst clutter spots in the house, really – just because it isn’t physical clutter, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

 Although most of the information is neatly filed (I’m such a typical Virgo!), there is far more of it than I need.  I have loads of unused icons on my desktop, my address book is full of old email addys, there are lots of documents and photos filed away that I no longer need etc etc.  One of the worst areas of clutter is my bookmarks – I save all sorts of things that I think I might go back to later, and then never do.  My Google Reader needs a good sort out, too.

 So, as a little project for the new few days, I’m going to add computer decluttering to my challenge action list, and hopefully by the end of next week, it will be a clutter free zone.


2 thoughts on “Computer Clutter

  1. As a fellow Virgo – I can identify totally! and my PC skills are not that great in sorting stuff out either! But at least you can do it whatever the weather!

    • More appalling weather today, so hopefully I’ll get more computer decluttering done. Every cloud …

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